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He Jingqing partner lawyer

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Nankai University in 1992, the law department graduated from the Dongguan Municipal Bureau of justice, in its foreign economic law firm engaged in the work of law. In the same year, passed the national lawyer qualification examination and obtained lawyer qualification.
In 1997, he founded the Dongguan City Jun Zheng law firm (renamed as Guangdong Jun Zheng law firm) in 1999
In 1998, the registered tax division qualification; director of the Dongguan Bar Association
In 1999 nine three Society
Vice chairman of the Dongguan Municipal Committee in 2001 nine three Society
2002 Dongguan City lawyers association non litigation committee member
2003 Guangdong provincial lawyer Association Inc Law Committee
Tenth CPPCC Standing Committee in 2004
2005 Dongguan City Planning Commission. Member of the Dongguan social security fund supervision committee. Director of Dongguan Bar Association. Arbitrator of the Arbitration Commission of Guangzhou Municipality. Member of the Legal Committee of Guangdong provincial attorney Association Inc. Deputy director of the Dongguan municipal CPPCC social law and population resources and Environment Committee.
In June, the China National Association of lawyers awarded the title of "national outstanding lawyer".
In September nine three society Central Committee named "outstanding members"


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