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[case] the credit card was fraudulent bank injured victim

 September 9, 2014 22 Xu, Liang Sheng received a text message sent to the bank, showing their own bank card in Zhanjiang was repeatedly extracted and transferred, a total of 40000 yuan. But the time, Liang Sheng's people in Dongguan, the card is also on the body, how the money is being taken away in different places? Liang Sheng with a wealth of life experience, the idea is certainly a problem, immediately call the bank to inquire and complaints, and rushed to the police station.

Then the case has not improved, Liang Sheng will think of the court to prosecute and hire Luo Hailong and Tan Xiaomin as his agent, the prosecution of the bank to bear the liability.

The case on November 15, 2014, in Dongguan City Songshan Polytechnic moot court public hearing. The case by first, second instance, the final decision of the defendant bank bear 80% of the amount of compensation for the damage to the beam, the beam to restore the loss of 30000 yuan and interest compensation.

Lawyers advice: the use of bank cards in real life has become an essential way of payment. We should keep their own bank card and password, and according to the personal needs of the bank to open the short message service. Such as abnormal information received, should be verified in a timely manner. Once found the bank card stolen brush stolen and other circumstances, should immediately alarm and retain evidence.


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